David Williams:


David Williams is a chartered accountant by profession. He looks for investments that generate strong value in the long run, and also assist investors avoid pitfalls through his analysis. He covers various equities that interest him and writes about these equities from a unique and “out of the box” perspective.


Joseph Stanley:


Joseph Stanley is an asset manager at Hebba Alternative Investments with a focus on real assets. In his articles he likes to focus on events that affect the macro environment for assets (especially gold and silver), and introduce readers to different metrics that he believe are under-utilized when assessing investments.

Mr. Joseph earned his MBA http://cialisfrance24.com at the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh, and his BA at Temple University in Philadelphia.


Maria Martinez:


Maria Martinez is a financial analyst, value investor and engages in opportunistic research. She identifies misunderstood and undervalued equity investments and holds those securities until their price approximates her estimate of intrinsic value.

Specializes in the technology sector (semiconductors) and has a good record of calling out companies as accurately as possible.


Mark James:


Mark James has a masters in Electrical Engineering from USC, is an independent iOS developer, and blogs about technology trends and companies, the focus of his investments.


Richard Tang:


Richard Tang manages a private investment portfolio full time, and provides mutual fund analysis and buy recommendations to individual investors managing their own investments. He holds a B.A. from Emory University, where he concentrated on history and economics.

He trade for himself via ETFs and futures markets, with interests in commodities generally and a special interest in precious metals.


Robinson Cruz:


Robinson Cruz is a market enthusiast and part-time trader. He has been interested in the markets since elementary school, and hope to pursue a career in the investment administration industry. He has been active in the markets for several years, and is primarily focused on Technology Sector.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Lehigh University, where he doubles majored in Finance and Accounting, with a minor in History.



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