There are few individuals who use Chrome’s incognito mode with the intention of not controlling their searches, for example. However, as reported by the 9to5Google portal , the Google company is modifying this function of its browser to avoid a millionaire lawsuit on the protection of users.

This process is carried out by proximity and by cable (Bluetooth low energy applied in the cloud).
The class action lawsuit was filed in 2020, but until this year it had not been accepted. Now Google could have to shell out up to $ 5 billion because Chrome’s incognito mode doesn’t prevent its company from tracking the user.

In order to dodge the lawsuit, Google is thinking of changing its warnings in the incognito mode of its browser. In this way, the company intends to make available to the user the information about what this function offers compared to the normal mode .

On the left the before and on the right the after changes in incognito mode.On the left the before and on the right the after changes in incognito mode.9to5google
Apparently, the warnings could already be seen in the browser itself , however, these were not clear and concise enough to avoid the demand. In fact, Google does not hide that websites can continue to record user activity through Google Ad Manager and Google Analytics.

Brave just announced that it will be offering its new search engine Brave Search for free.
Chrome’s incognito mode is a tool that can be useful if you want to surf the Internet without letting other users who use the device know what you have searched for. This is because this feature prevents searches from being saved to history.

However, incognito mode only allows you to browse with certain privacy with other users, but companies do not stop having access to searches to offer personalized advertising . Therefore, the lawsuit considers that Google has been misleading its users.

By Rak Esh

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