According to agency sources report to the eE . These offices are joined by another 27 also within the collaboration project that is signing with various institutions, in addition to the Chambers of Commerce. Altogether, about ninety points will be available at the beginning of next year to help SMEs throughout the Spanish geography to process Community funds for digitization.

The main objective of the collaboration agreements, where the new offices are framed, is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs, micro-SMEs and freelancers by supporting them in the design and implementation of digitization strategies .

The signature between and the Chambers and other institutions requires an action of “accompaniment and the supply of tools that maximize productivity and competitiveness, both nationally and internationally.”

The 87 offices that will be launched in the coming months will do so under the umbrella of the Acelera Pyme plan. The 60 organized by the Chambers of Commerce will be located in the headquarters and delegations of the different chambers throughout Spain and will have specialized personnel. Its mission will be to offer personalized attention and advice to companies in their digital transformation process.

And, among its functions, is the dissemination and awareness with the generation and dissemination of content on the advantages of the incorporation of ICT in business processes. To this end, they will have Technology Demonstration Centers for the incorporation of technologies and will contribute to digital training.

Likewise, they will have facilities for SMEs to experience the development of products or solutions, with laboratory tests, prototype development and product validation.

Financing and aid
They will advise in a personalized way on doubts regarding their digital transformation processes, with special emphasis on technology SMEs, to facilitate market access for their products. And, one of the most important aspects, information on access to public and private financing: information on aid from the different Public or private Administrations to promote or make use of innovative digital technologies in the business fabric.

More than 3,000 million euros
The digitization of SMEs involves an economic effort that will be channeled through different actions, according to a source from to eE . There are items in the SMEs Digitization Plan (only the Digital Toolkit program contemplates 3,000 million), in the Startups Law, in the Digital Competences Law but, in addition, the projects that are presented within the framework of the Recovery Plan have to be supported by SMEs.

Regarding, it has three main lines destined in part to the digitization of SMEs and the global budget revolves around 350 million euros. Among them, these lines are entrepreneurship, through Acelera SME.

By Rak Esh

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