King Felipe VI, the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez (to his right), and the members of Sánchez’s Cabinet (Yolanda Díaz, Félix Bolaños, Margarita Robles, José Manuel Albares, Carolina Darias.

Fernando At a meeting of the inter-ministerial group during his visit this Saturday, August 28, 2021, to the temporary reception center installed at the base on the occasion of the repatriation operation from Afghanistan.

The visit concluded with the family photo, which ended with applause from the King, Sánchez and all the ministers to the team that participated in the device.

The itinerary then continued, for the Afghans taken in, to the camp set up at the air base, where they spent their first hours in Spain, but that part of the route, also supported by the Head of State and members of the Executive, was forbidden to cameras for privacy reasons.

Last night, late on Friday, there were 600 Afghans staying, but it is expected that there will be 200 by the end of this Saturday, according to official sources from Moncloa.

From the environment of the president, it was indicated that he transmitted again the “gratitude to the effort and work of all the entities and volunteers involved” in the mission and the “emotion” that he felt “with the image of boys and girls smiling and playing with toys that have come from all over Spain “.

For the King, this Saturday, his reappearance after the holidays, was the first visit to the ‘hub’, but sources from the Royal House emphasized that he has been in permanent contact with the Government at all times. Felipe VI has traveled to the Central Asian country on several occasions to meet the troops stationed there

By Rak Esh

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