Windows 11: how to know if our computer is compatible with the new operating system. Microsoft has shared the minimum specifications for its new software. He has also created a free application so that the user can check it. Microsoft presents Windows 11, the next operating system you will have on your computer.

Windows 11 is already practically a reality. As Microsoft promised yesterday during its presentation, the new operating system for the company’s computers will be completely free and will be available for installation at the end of this 2021 . However, as is often the case in the field of software, there are doubts about the equipment that will be compatible with this new version.

In order for the user to know if he is going to be able to use Windows 11, Microsoft has shared it has created an application that allows to solve doubts. The tool is called PC Health Check and, like the operating system, it is completely free. It is currently available for download from the company’s website . Nevertheless,

Minimum specs
Beyond this ‘app’, the technology company has shared the minimum specifications that a computer must have in order to install Windows 11. Obviously, the demands are higher than with the previous operating system, Windows 10, so there is a possibility that you have to change equipment if you want to make the leap to the new software of the company.

Thus, the processor must be 1 GHz or faster with 2 or more cores, 64-bit compatible, or system on a chip (SoC). The RAM must reach at least 4 GB, while the internal storage must be at least 64 GB.

The graphics card must be compatible with DirectX 12 / WDDM 2.x. The screen must be at least 9 inches and have HD resolution. Also, when it comes to connecting to the Internet, you will need to have a Microsoft account.

By Rak Esh

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