The internal divergences in the independence movement will not make the blood reach the river, according to ERC With the rear-view mirror always set on what happened in the 80s.

when once the Statute was achieved, the unity of Catalanism in the Diada was divided according to the horizons of each one (leaving the independence movement.

curiously, in a marginal role until 2012), several voices have seen in the current discrepancies on the role and importance of the negotiating table a symptom of possible internal breakdown of secessionism. Republicans accept the existence of these differences, but do not fear a fracture of unity.

The ANC, the great promoter of the multitudinous acts in the ‘diades’ from 2012, considers that the table is a demobilizing factor and that it means entering the game of the autonomist debate that the Government of Pedro Sánchez intends.

The alternative, not only of the Assemblea, but of some voices of Junts, such as the ‘expresident’ Quim Torra and the president of the Parliament.

Laura both outside the current Government, is to retake what they call the “mandate of 1- OR”. Torra and the ANC agree that, at present, everything is betting on the success of the negotiation table and no other options are being prepared.

In the opinion of the ‘expresident’, expressed in August, the republican strategy “has given the State two years”, in reference to the deadline given by the Junts and the CUP to ERC so that some fruit can be obtained from this table.

Something that will be evaluated in a motion of confidence that Pere Aragonès to which, by virtue of the investiture pact with the anti-capitalists, has accepted to submit to in 2023.

A term that the post-convergent people, especially those who are not in the Government, insist on cutting, once they are make it clear that the dialogue forum is at a dead end.

By Rak Esh

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