A scenario to which the planned general elections, also in 2023 and the current lack of harmony on other issues, see the withdrawal of investment from the airport, can be accelerated.

ERC, for its part, considers that it is very difficult for a scene of tension or debate between Republicans and the rest of the independence movement to be experienced on Saturday’s Day.

Precisely because it would offer an image of division that would not benefit anyone. In addition, they consider in the Republican headquarters that the absence of a plausible alternative to the negotiating table, beyond the headline.

Prevents articulating a strong opposition to Esquerra’s great bet. “Because, beyond the ‘1-O mandate’, what is proposed?” Asks an authorized voice of the Republicans. “How do you make a new DUI a success this time? How do you repel the state’s response? How do you control the territory?”

All this means that ERC does not attend the eve of the Diada with special nervousness It also helps the security with which they believe that those who defend a new unilateral action are a minority, although they accept that “all of them will be on the street on Saturday.”

In any case, ERC will not enter, nor has it entered, in the melee with the ANC and its postulates, precisely so as not to put gasoline on the fire.

This does not detract from the fact that, as an analysis, the Republicans would prefer that “both the Junts and the ANC” had a little more “strategic capacity” and that they left ERC “a little bit in peace.” Although, nevertheless, a party source points out, the position anchored in one-sidedness “also gives the party more margin.”

It serves, for example, so that ERC can return, in a certain way, the ball to the PSOE when the socialists insinuate that it is better for the independence movement that there is a president of the socialist government than one of the PP.

Since the fluidity of the dialogue would suffer with Pablo Casado in Moncloa On the contrary, they point out in ERC, the Government of Sanchez is interested in ERC remaining robust, since a Generalitat in the hands of Junts could create many problems for governance.

By Rak Esh

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