Leroy Merlin is always there on the list of companies that hire the most in Spain. The DIY giant is continuously looking for staff , adapting its offers with both temporary and permanent jobs from cashiers and salespeople to logistics personnel.

In addition, it also has a special program for internships and first job focused on young people and another for professionals such as decorators, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, hardware … These positions are what Leroy calls ‘Specialists’ , salesmen who offer advice special to your customers. Currently, there are 698 open positions for these types of positions.

For many of these positions it is required to demonstrate experience in these guilds, but in other positions amateurs and DIY lovers, who would be a ‘handyman’, are encouraged to sign up, who can demonstrate their in-depth knowledge during the process.

What are the requirements to work at Leroy Merlin?
The company, designated as one of the best in which to work according to Forbes in 2020, is characterized by having a labor policy where the recruitment of professionals from the construction, painting and plumbing unions prevails and also plans for students and recent graduates where they are offered to start their professional journey.

Leroy does not publish the data of the salaries that his employees will receive, but on specialized websites there is talk of salaries around 1,000 and 1,300 euros per month with different bonuses.

Specifically, for the specialist position, the company indicates this description:

“You will advise our clients, you will assume responsibility for a family of products, you will detect business opportunities and you will collaborate in the implementation and monitoring of collections. We will put at your disposal all the necessary tools to become a leading expert for our clients. You will receive training such as Sales Techniques, Customer Orientation and you will continue to update your knowledge of the product, knowing first-hand the latest market trends “, explains the company on its website in the section where it captures this type of professionals.

How to send the CV to Leroy Merlin to apply for one of these jobs
Como muchas grandes empresas, Leroy Merlin centraliza sus ofertas en su página web. Para ver las correspondientes a especialistas, debemos acceder a esta sección en concreto, donde podremos filtrar por posición y provincia, repartidas en todas España.

Una vez encontrada una oferta adecuada para nosotros, al hacer clic en ella obtendremos más información sobre la oferta y tendremos la posibilidad de inscribirnos registrándonos en su web y subiendo nuestro CV además de añadir datos en un formulario.

Hay que tener cuidado porque en algunas ofertas en la descripción se pide realizar un test para avanzar en el proceso para demostrar conocimientos.

There is another option to send the CV to Leroy Merlin, which is, from his initial employment section, where you will also find advice on how to present yourself in an online job interview, for example, a button in which you can send the CV directly to that we enter your database, by clicking on the button ‘Leave your CV’.

With this we will not register for all your job offers , but we will become part of the general candidate list of your Human Resources team.

By Rak Esh

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