In a move meant to assist the San Diego-based provider of the space electronics and satellite parts expand operations to be able to meet demand, Voyager Space Inc. is purchasing a majority share in Space Micro Inc. The deal’s terms were not revealed in the November 22 press statement.

Space Micro is Voyager’s sixth acquisition since its founding in Denver in 2019 with the goal of building a vertically integrated space exploration enterprise that is publicly-traded. In a statement, Space Micro chairman and co-founder David Strobel said, “Today marks a big stride in our growth trajectory.” “The satellite constellation industry is on the verge of exploding, and now that we have the Voyager team as well as operational responsibilities on our side, we are going to be able to grow our technology to satisfy market demands.”

Space Micro, which was created in 2002, provides computers, software-defined radios, image processing subsystems, and other space components to NASA, the US military, and commercial space enterprises. The company has recently received contracts and formed collaborations with government organizations and businesses interested in its software-defined radios and optical communications technology.

Space Micro co-founder and CEO David Czajkowski said in a statement that “expanding our already fast increasing laser and optical communications solutions is a primary goal moving forward.” “Since our initial launch, we’ve had an unmatched record of no in-orbit failures, and we’re working hard to keep that record as we expand these vital, high-demand satellite technologies.”

NASA, the United States Space Force, the United States Air Force, the United States Space and Missile Systems Center, the United States Special Operations Command, and the German space agency DLR are among Space Micro’s customers. In addition, in October, Space Micro announced a contract with Lockheed Martin to provide ten of its Nanocom software-defined radios for use in satellites being built by Lockheed Martin for the Space Development Agency’s Transport Layer Tranche 0 spacecraft communications constellation.

“What Space Micro has achieved on their own is fantastic – and they have a varied customer base to show it,” Matthew Kuta, who works as the Voyager chief operating officer and president, said in a statement. Space Micro will be able to expand its technical footprint and continue at the forefront of sophisticated satellite as well as communications system innovation thanks to its new cooperation with Voyager.” The Launch Company, Valley Tech Systems, NanoRacks, Pioneer Astronautics, and Altius Space Machines were all acquired by Voyager earlier.

Space Micro, situated in San Diego, supplies a range of satellite communications components, such as the LCT 100, a laser communications terminal capable of transmitting data at 100 gigabits per second. In 2020, the Space Systems Center of the United States Space Force awarded Space Micro a contract which is valued at $3 million for an LCT 100 terminal.

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