Serba Dinamik Holdings Bhd intends to launch its satellite within the next three and a half years as part of its expansion into the communication space as part of its commercial endeavor. Datuk Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah, who is the group managing director as well as chief executive officer, stated that this is also to assist the government in addressing Internet connection for individuals in unserved and underserved locations.

“If we look at Malaysia’s geographical layout, we already have a significant player offering fiber-optic access for the metropolitan area, but we also need to address the unserved as well as underserved areas. We aspire to have our satellite, as this would be a significant accomplishment.”

“It would enable us to cover the entire country of Malaysia as well as neighboring countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and a portion of Thailand,” he told Bernama. He explained that the firm is trying to connect the dots within the ICT (information and communication technology) parts of its key capabilities, such as the “communication” or “C” component, through its new space economy or space technology program dubbed AKSA.

He claims that by delivering ICT services via Internet connectivity via satellite technology, the firm will be able to look into underserved and unserved regions around the country, bridging the digital divide.

The group had established a distinct entity to push this endeavor as part of its overall strategy, which would be led and pioneered by a specialist in the field. He added the company would work with partners to broaden the reach of its application and deliver a more viable approach to the public. He stated that the business is signing up with and leasing bandwidth broadband from a current international provider in order to pursue the satellite program in two parts.

Serba Dinamik is primarily engaged in the supply of management services and is an investment holding business. Serba Dinamik has transformed from a complete engineering services supplier in power, energy, as well as broad industries to a pioneer in Industrial Revolution 4.0 through a wide range of offerings like SMART Maintenance with Mixed Reality Solution, D-Virtual Expo, Qwik Pay, as well as a few other smart applications.

Engineering, Information, and Communication Technology (ICT), Procurement, Operations and Maintenance, Construction and Commissioning, and Education and Training are their main areas of expertise (E&T). Serba Dinamik has branches in the UAE, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

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