SJI is committed to expanding its infrastructure in order to satisfy future sustainable energy demands. In keeping with this commitment, SJI and its development partner, REV LNG, LLC, began construction on the renewable natural gas (RNG) plants at four dairy farms in Michigan last week, marking the partners’ first set of renewable energy programs that are outside of Northeast area.

At each of the 4 farms: Goma, Double Eagle, Roto-Z, and Z-Star, 2-million-gallon anaerobic digesters as well as related RNG facilities will be built to absorb methane generated by cow manure. The projects are going to also include the installation of technology to clean digester-produced biogas and convert it to the commercial-grade renewable natural gas that is pipeline-quality. REV LNG, a North American leader in the development of RNG projects, has spearheaded early-phase development for SJI and is going to oversee the building of the RNG facilities, which are slated to be operational by the late 2022.

REV LNG CEO David Kailbourne stated, “REV LNG is devoted to adopting creative energy alternatives that assist our business and the customers we serve lower our carbon footprints.” I am ecstatic to see these projects get underway, and I look forward to the REV LNG and SJI’s future collaboration in this field.  I’d also like to express my gratitude to the families at Goma, Double Eagle, Roto-Z, as well as Z-Star farms for making these projects a reality.”

The four family-owned farms will work together to create almost 3 million therms of RNG per year. To put this in context, 3 million therms of RNG would be enough to compensate for the negative environmental effect of 1.8 million gallons of gasoline consumed annually in the United States.

SJI and REV LNG recently announced that building on an RNG facility situated at Oakridge Dairy, Connecticut’s largest dairy farm, would begin soon. SJI is well-positioned to be a national leader in the waste-to-energy initiatives by 2025 as a result of SJI and REV LNG’s sustained engagement in this critical sector.

“SJI recognizes that working cooperatively with groups that share our vision is important in order to reach our objective of 100% carbon reduction by 2040,” stated Mike Renna, President, and Chief executive officer of SJI. “As a result, SJI is happy to collaborate with REV LNG as well as dairy farms around the country on these unique clean energy projects, which I am convinced will have a beneficial impact on the environment in the areas we serve and beyond.”

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