Okaya Electric Vehicle revealed the introduction of a high-speed e-scooter at EV Expo 21 event in Greater Noida. It is dubbed Faast at an initial price of about Rs 89,999 ($1204) (before subsidies). In a press statement, the business also announced the start of bookings with the first payment of Rs 1,999 ($26) via the Okaya EV site or at dealerships. Okaya also showed off its future Ferrato e-motorcycle, which is set to debut in the 2nd quarter of FY22.

Depending on usage, the IoT-activated e-scooter has a maximum speed between 60 to 70 kmph as well as a range of between 150 to 200 km per charge. It has a 4.4 kW lithium phosphate battery, a digital instrument cluster, the daytime running lights, all LED lights, and a combi braking system, according to the manufacturer.

“Okaya is entirely committed to realizing the aim of establishing India a fully electric country. We have demonstrated our renewed commitment to introducing innovative, low-cost yet high-performance e-scooters to drive the adoption of EVs in the country with the debut of our Okaya Faast,” stated Anil Gupta, who works as the Managing Director (M.D.), Okaya Power Group.

He noted that Okaya has already established itself as a prominent player in this space by developing the much-needed fast-charging network for these e-scooters. Faast has succeeded to reach the sweet position in the sector with its performance features and specs, directly fighting its petrol scooter equivalents, according to the business.

“By setting an example with completely made in India products rather than just assembled products in India, Okaya has established itself as a market leader in the e-scooter industry across the country.”

“We are targeting the large demand for the high-performance Electric Vehicles in the market with our proprietary ‘Okaya Faast e-scooters,’ in tune with changing customer tastes,” stated Anshul Gupta, Okaya Power Private Limited’s Director. The firm also stated that, in addition to focusing on launching high e-two wheelers, it is on track to be India’s fastest-developing domestic Electric Vehicle brand, with over 225 dealers established in only six months.

“As the country’s energy fleet transitions to electric mode, there is a strong demand for EVs, and as a result, there is a growing desire for rapid charging and affordable e-scooters.” Puran Singh Negi, AVP for sales and marketing at Okaya EV, said, “We look forward to seizing a large share of the market’s rising demand, as well as fulfilling our commitment to our loyal clients by giving them high standard Okaya Faast e-scooters.”

According to the business, the to-be-released Ferrato motorcycle is going to have a maximum speed of 80-90 kmph and a range of a maximum of 100 km on a single charge, thanks to a 2-kilowatt motor and 3-kilowatt battery.

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