EcoFlow, a leader in renewable energy and portable power solutions, has announced its intention to enter the Indian market. The company’s new expansion plan is to provide localized energy shortage solutions by pushing greener technologies is necessary, outdoor, and professional applications such as home backup, motorcycle, camping, building, and filmmaking.

In October 2021, India experienced a power shortage of supply of 1,201 million units, one of the largest in the recent five years. The innovative and environmentally conscious company, which has expanded to over 80 countries in only four years, aspires to cause a dramatic shift in how Indians utilize electricity since their power stations are marketed as the ideal alternatives for stress-free off-grid experiences. It provides a diverse range of products and services to meet the demands and lifestyles of different customers.

“Thanks to our clients’ tremendous support, we’ve been able to rapidly grow our footprint.  We are resolute in our commitment to reinventing how the world obtains energy. Power is critical for economic growth, particularly in rising economies such as India. SDG 7—Ensure that everyone has access to affordable, dependable, sustainable, and modern energy—is a prerequisite for development on many other SDGs, such as those related to sustainable cities, health, education, industry, and more. Mrs. Jenny Zhang, who works as the EcoFlow’s Global Marketing Head, stated, “Our objective is to transform the industry with accessible and portable solar power around the world.”

EcoFlow is a firm that creates portable power stations in a variety of sizes. It was founded in 2017 by the engineer of a former prominent drone manufacturer. It also offers solar panels and a variety of other energy-linked products for a variety of home purposes. Around 80% of the company’s sales come from North America, Europe, and Japan. EcoFlow has set a new record for an Asian technology firm on Kickstarter, and its brand-new item DELTAPRO has been selected as one of TIME’s TOP100 inventive things for 2021.

According to research by the International Finance Corporation, despite improved access to power in poorer countries, more than 789 million people around the world are still without electricity. COVID-19 has impacted the sector, resulting in a decrease in demand, financial hardship, and power supply chain problems.

Their pioneering spirit, battery management system, and cutting-edge charging technology will ensure that the power supply is not disrupted. They are also committed to providing sector-leading portable power generators to their global dealers to enhance their experience.

“Our ground-breaking portable power generators provide people all over the world with clean energy.  EcoFlow portable power generators provide today’s clients with the energy of the future, from individuals to communities. Mrs. Zhang continued, “The devices are portable and do not require frequent maintenance.”

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