The road safety is an important issue to safeguard the lives of people on road trips. For this reason, the implementation of technology is vital in this regard, as it can prevent catastrophes.

Coyote, the app that alerts you to mobile radars, now available directly in your car
Throughout 2020, a total of 870 people died from traffic accidents, according to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) . The breathalyzer, the car mode of mobile phones, the DADS or the highway that the European Union plans to create in 2050 are some of the technological inventions that reduce the risk of suffering an accident while traveling.

One of the main causes of fatal traffic accidents is the mixture of alcohol or other drug use and driving. For this reason, breathalyzer tests are usually quite common.

However, there are cars that implement this substance detection system. These devices can automatically detect the driver’s blood alcohol level and, if the driver exceeds the legal levels, the vehicle will not start.

The car mode of mobile devices
Several people at the wheel are tempted to use their mobile while they are driving. Although the accidents it can cause are prohibited and have been proven many times , some people’s addiction to telephones can have a tragic result.

Therefore, many smartphones have the option to enable car mode. This forces the user to concentrate on driving by limiting the functionalities of their mobile device .

To activate it on an Android Pixel mobile is quite simple:

Go to Settings and select ‘ Connected devices’> ‘Connection preferences’> ‘Driving mode’.
Click on ‘Behavior’ and choose the option you want:
Use your mobile while driving: ‘Open Android Auto’.
Do not use your mobile while driving: ‘Activate do not disturb mode’.

Using your mobile while driving reduces concentration behind the wheel.Using your mobile while driving reduces concentration behind the wheel.Hassan OUAJBIR

The DADS (or Car Alert Detection System ) is a prevention system for accidents caused by fatigue. This is based on a cloud service that records the driver’s alert status instantly.

This technology analyzes the driver’s face and behavior using a camera and steering angle sensors. In this way, an attempt is made to reduce the risk of accidents caused by sleep or fatigue.

The DGT app simplifies and facilitates traffic-related procedures.
The DGT app will allow you to pay fines from your own mobile soon
This system warns the person driving of a possible collision so that the vehicle stops earlier. This technology has a network connection of a radar sensor that analyzes the volume of cars near the vehicle.

With the Predictive Emergency Braking System, the driver receives an acoustic or visual alert in the event of a critical situation. If the system considers that the collision is unavoidable, it reduces the speed so that the consequences of the impact are less.

New European motorways by 2050
The European Union aims to reduce deaths in road accidents to zero by 2050 . With this purpose in mind, they plan to build new roads.

According to the EU idea, pavements will be smart and provide information to vehicles, such as potential potholes or potential landslides. They will also develop smart signs that will notify drivers of construction zones.

Image made by a 3D artist of a car seen with X-rays.
As if you had X-rays: they devise a technology that allows you to see through other cars while driving
In addition, it has also been thought to place cameras with technology that detects erratic movements on the road and that are capable of regulating vehicles.

Despite the fact that these new roads will end up being developed in 29 years, there may still be deaths. However, if this technology is implemented, fatal accidents will be considerably reduced.

By Rak Esh

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