The United States Army does not stop innovating, this time it has created drones that are completely autonomous and have the sufficient capacity to identify, pursue and destroy objects on their own. Aircraft manufacturer General Atomics has stated in a press release that for the first time an ‘Avenger’ drone has identified and pursued enemy targets at high speed without needing the help of people.

The defense company affirms that it is a great step towards achieving a fully autonomous military aviation in the future, although the ‘secret’ objective is to obtain a fleet of drones that are capable of attacking and defending independently.

The United States Pentagon develops an Artificial Intelligence that is capable of detecting military attacks
According to General Atomics, the Avenger in the test possessed equipment called the ‘Legion Pod’ (a black object on the drone and manufactured by Lockheed Martin) to detect aircraft in order to supply information to Avenger’s autonomous brain to initiate attack maneuvers. .

If you are wondering what exactly the famous Legion Pod is, you should know that it is a passive detection and tracking system that is used in airplanes piloted by humans to show possible objectives , therefore, this advance provided that the device acted like a pilot real without having human intervention. Furthermore, this capability is easy to integrate into any type of platform with minimal cost.

The shotgun has a personal use.
The United States unveils the world’s largest anti-drone shotgun
These systems are not only used by the United States, since China and Russia have begun to use them with the aim of abandoning traditional cabin-piloted aviation to replace it with swarms of combat ships without human control. In this way, the planes of each army would be connected to each other and to other military systems to detect and shoot down the enemies thanks to the tactical systems of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We could say that the military would take a back seat when fighting against enemies, however, it should be mentioned that the armies would be able to make quick decisions and with supplied information.

By Rak Esh

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