A viral video shows two human bodies being roasted on a skewer over a fire The captions say that it would be a ritual practiced by Chinese in the interior of a province in the country The victims hearts and livers are cut and roasted for their guests says the post.

The message has about 1400 views in just one Telegram group that has more than 15000 members.

The video is actually in China However this is not a cannibal ritual as the caption points out The fake bonfire underneath under the body already shows this but there are other elements that prove the attempted fraud.

The recording is of a Chinese amusement park attraction Chimelong Ocean Park is located in Zhuhai China and hosts commemorative parties according to the time of year In this case the theme was Halloween and the bodies in the fake bonfire were part of one of the attractions In 2018 a Ukrainian content creator SviatMe published a video visiting the park during the Halloween festivities and in one of his recordings it is possible to identify the roasted bodies.

In addition to the Ukrainian another content creator published videos of the park at the same time The channel Vladlen Galaski is Russian and the published videos of the event received about a thousand views Two of the recordings are literally of the attraction with the bodies in the fire The platform used by the channel is VK Video of Russian origin.

However the idea of cannibal rituals in Wuxuan China is not completely unfounded In an article published by the University of Cambridge in 2009 a researcher talks about a moment in history when this really happened In 1968 during the countrys Cultural Revolution messages were sent saying that people were eating each other Although nothing was investigated at the time 13 years later the facts were investigated again and the act of cannibalism was confirmed Those involved were tried and punished.

Therefore it is fake news There is no cannibal ritual in China that involves people being roasted at the stake The video that circulates on the internet is in reality of an amusement park attraction that promoted Halloween celebrations It is worth stressing that the park is not even located in Wuxuan as the message says

By Rak Esh

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