More than 35 buses have already been destroyed in a fire of great proportions that took over the TCGLs bus garage in the north of Parana in the late afternoon of this Monday 15th The origin of the fire is still unknown but the company does not rule out that it was a criminal ambulances were called to assist employees who inhaled smoke.

The bus depot is in the Vila Nova neighborhood and the fire started shortly after 6pm Several employees ran into the garage in an attempt to save some vehicles The Fire Department is still on the scene fighting.

Fire and they called for reinforcements from neighbouring towns The column of smoke can be seen from miles away from several cities around Londrina There are already four fire trucks at the site.

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Each bus costs approximately R130000 that is a loss of at least R4 million for TCGL which is responsible for 65 of the urban area of Londrina The buses would be part of the companys reserve fleet.

The impact that the destruction will have on the city public transport this Tuesday 16 is still unknown But the company said it will spare no effort to keep all lines up and running.

A little dog was caught stealing a package of bread from a butcher shop in Nova in the interior of The criminal action was recorded by the establishments security cameras in the accident.

VIDEO Dog steals a package of bread in a butchers shop inside the PR Butcher shop was target of the little dog Photo Reproduction Security camera.

The case happened last Friday 12 just before 10am The dog appears in the images arriving at the establishments door A bit suspicious she looks inside the butcher shop and decides to go inside.

By Rak Esh

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